Intro to INDY
Take a tour with Keith Walker, the company’s CTO, to discover the features and value INDY can bring to your cinema. Watch this product demo from beginning to end, or select from the icons below to skip ahead to a specific feature.

Fewer frustrating and tedious tasks

  • Integrate your cinema with a modern, fast and intuitive system
  • Shared library for multi-site cinema companies to make changes across all sites
  • Automated tools for upselling and managing customer service
  • Your cinema’s website, data, team management and cinema operations within one place: INDY

Built by cinema owners – we shape it with you.

INDY’s team is made up of cinema owners and people with a background in the industry. Many of us have worked in cinemas as projectionists, ops managers, film bookers and popcorn shovellers - so we know exactly the pressures you face on a daily basis.

  • Dedicated support team to assist with onboarding and support portal available 24/7
  • Work with experts in the cinema industry, as well as web design and digital communication specialists
  • Interface and features designed to be customizable and straightforward to configure

State of the art intuitive technology.

Enhance your customers’ experience with website, app, kiosk, digital concierge POS software
Turbocharge your digital communications with customizable email templates and targeted campaigns
AI Powered Planning Tools (predict attendance, line length, profitability of bookings, and more)
AI Powered film, seat, food recommendations, plus other ways to learn about and utilize customers’ preferences

We can install everything remotely, or, if you’d prefer that extra bit of support we can come to your cinema and install your new equipment for you and train your staff in person.

Top Features

Experience a modern Cinema Management Solution

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