Grow and reward customer loyalty with flexible membership schemes and promotions. Level up customer experience with a modern, mobile-friendly website and intuitive digital tools.
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Customer Experience

Website & Mobile

INDY websites are user and mobile-friendly. Customers can buy tickets, order concessions, manage their orders, rate and add films to a Watch List.

INDY Apps share all the features of the website, and can be installed on both Apple and Android devices.

Our websites are highly configurable…

  • Film and Ticketing Showtime Display
  • Content Management Drag-and-drop editor
  • Content Management Time-based content

…so cinemas can build a website which represents their style and business needs.

Film Categories

Set up categories and allow users to browse by film/event type

Customer Experience

Marketing Automation

Use and adapt INDY’s messaging templates to send data-driven and targeted emails to customers. The Showtimes Broadcast is a quick and low-effort way to share showtimes. With a click of a button, generate and send a newsletter with direct links to buy tickets.
We also have a growing list of automated campaigns, which send out personalized and time-sensitive content and offers to users. New to marketing automation? Work with INDY’s in-house team to set up digital communications tailored to your brand and business needs.
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Customer Experience


Learn more about customers and reward the best ones. INDY Admin offers flexible tools for cinema membership and loyalty schemes. Utilize the power of technology to learn where regular customers prefer to sit, drink and snack preferences, favorite genres, and more.

Our system supports a variety of membership types, from unlimited memberships (or cinema subscriptions) to a point-based redemption scheme. Other configuration options include…

…Want to know if INDY can support your current membership or loyalty scheme?

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Monthly or annual subscription renewal options (with reminder email)
Multiple pricing options for membership tiers and concessionary pricing
Assign vouchers and discounts for tickets and concession items (renews with membership)
Allow users to connect memberships or set up joint and family memberships
Customer Experience

Kiosk & Digital Signage

INDY has a fully functioning kiosk app which allows customers to book, buy memberships and print their own tickets. Perfect for any venue that needs to cut down wait times and add some automation into the customer experience.

Our digital signage options link via installed hardware to our Admin portal. This allows cinemas to generate showtime slides using API data from the programmed schedule. Upload customer slides, videos and more to promote offers and upsell concessions.

Experience a modern Cinema Management Solution

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