Point of Sale
Drive ticket and concession sales with a streamlined and intuitive transactional process. Save time, money and effort with automated planning and reporting tools.
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Point of Sale

Analytics & Reporting

Use pre-built reports or set up new ones by selecting from a list of INDY’s report elements. Prioritize the analytics which matter the most with a dashboard that can be accessed from the Admin tool, scheduled as an email, or downloaded as a PDF.

Be prepared with Scenario Explorer and INDY’s other AI-powered planning tools. With smarter reporting, cinemas can predict a range of important operational factors, including attendance, line length and profitability of bookings.

  • Financial
Point of Sale


INDY Admin offers flexibility for setting up ticket types to sell at the box office and/or online through websites and mobile apps. Cinemas can limit ticket types to specific memberships, assign free tickets as part of a membership offer, sell discounted tickets, and more. Use our reporting tools to organize and view a summary of ticket sales by movie or showing.

The Seating Chart tool can be configured to account for the number of seats, different seat types and layout of an auditorium. Custom seating options include wheelchair-accessible, couches, table seating, and more.

INDY Register makes it easy for cinema staff to find out and share information about a film or a showing with customers. They can quickly check how full an auditorium will be across multiple showtimes, as well as offer customers their preferred seats based on past booking behavior.

  • Configurable Seating Chart
  • Flexibable INDY Admin

INDY Register

Makes it easy for cinema staff to find out and share information about a film or a showing with customers.

Point of Sale


Sell concession items in-person, online and through self-service kiosks. In INDY Admin, cinemas can manage their Inventory, apply discounts to concession items, and create vouchers which can apply to specific items or maximum values.

Choose how concession items display on INDY Register. As well as setting the order of concession tabs and items, cinemas can create item categories and easily prioritize popular items. Our POS has functionality for cinemas that allow customers to order concessions in advance. Cinemas can set up delivery options to allow seat and table delivery in addition to counter pick-up.

INDY learns customers’ favorite snacks and drinks down to the specifics… Cinema staff can see if a regular customer prefers butter on their popcorn or if they frequently order a Coke Zero. Our automated messaging platform can also be configured to send offers and customers a reminder and link to update their order with items before a showing.

  • Inventory Manage
  • Consession Selling
Point of Sale


INDY can process a range of payment options, offering flexibility for cinemas and convenience for customers. As well as card and cash payments, customers can check-out using Apple and Google Pay. We’ve made it easy for customers to pay as a group with the split payment feature. Cinemas can also enable and collect tips.

Sell gift cards and vouchers in-person and online. Our Gift Card and Voucher Sales Widgets are simple to add and configure for INDY websites. At the checkout, customers can include a personalized message when sending a gift card or voucher to others.

  • Gift Card
  • Voucher

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