Manage day-to-day operations on the go with a complete and user-friendly system. Oversee cinema data with customizable and automated reporting.
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Cinema Operations

Programming & Studio Reports

INDY’s programming tool makes scheduling quick and simple to do. With the drag-and-drop interface, easily copy and create sessions. Bulk copy and edit sessions by day or week. Build frameworks around concepts (such as classics or kids movies) by adding predefined slots to the schedule. We also have dedicated tools for box office reporting.

  • Box Office Reporting Tools
Cinema Operations


Take advantage of INDY’s inventory management tool. Create inventory items, recipes and adjustments to manage cinema stock. Enter stock takes to verify stock levels and keep them current. Generate reports to gain insight into stock activity.
Set up recipes for concession items that automatically update stock levels after each sale. Cinemas can use the Library function to configure inventory across multiple sites. Make adjustments for scenarios which impact stock levels, such as waste, theft, and the transfer of stock between locations or sites. Supplier and receipt functionality available to keep receiving stock hassle-free.

  • Real-time Stock Levels
  • Cross Sites Library

Create inventory items, recipes and adjustments to manage cinema stock.

Cinema Operations

Team Management

Easily manage staff schedules within INDY Admin. The Time Clock tool allows cinema teams to digitally clock-on and off. Track and edit time sessions. Use INDY’s reporting tools to forecast labor demand and view the total amount of hours worked for each team member.

Want to track staff performance? INDY’s Visit Review feature allows customers to submit feedback about auditorium cleanliness and the service they received. Managers can view the customer’s name, the logged-in staff member who served them at the POS, and the auditorium they watched the film in.

INDY also supports staff-only memberships, allowing cinemas to assign their team discounts and vouchers, as well as enable photo identification.

  • Visit Review
  • Staff-only Memberships
Cinema Operations


INDY Admin makes it simple for cinema managers to search for users by name or email. Browse order history by date, order type (e.g. tickets, membership, concessions) or user. INDY websites, mobile apps and kiosks allow customers with accounts to manage their own orders, saving cinema teams time. Our system also collects data about film, concessions, and seating preferences, helping cinemas to deliver on a personalized experience.

Save time when notifying customers about a showing cancellation or change. The Showing Change Wizard allows cinemas to customize and trigger a message, which automatically sends to all customers affected by the change.

  • Fully Intergrated CRM
  • Personalized Experience

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