Close up on our team

Ian Brown

Managing Director

Ian launched INDY Cinema Group in 2010 to help bring the power back to independent cinemas. He brings 18 years of experience in the film industry ranging from engineer, cinema management to film festivals, Union vice chair with BECTU and sat on the Screen Sector Leadership Group for cinema in Scotland. Ian’s drive, ambition and determination to make a difference in the cinema sector, open more cinemas and enable existing cinemas to increase their box office potential and show a more diverse slate of films has grown INDY to what it is today, the world’s only international head office support company. Ian is passionate about extending INDY’s range of unique services and further INDY’s standing as champions across the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Favourite film – Grosse Point Blank

Carmen Brown

Director / Head of Finance

Carmen left a 13-year career in retail management and finance in London and Edinburgh to help build INDY and lead our in-house finance department. A lifelong fan of cinema, she brings her commitment to customer care and financial expertise to the company and thrives on meeting new challenges. Whatever the task at hand, whoever the client, the bottom line for Carmen isn’t just making sure the figures stack up for our clients, it’s about helping your business run more smoothly and easily.

Favourite Film – X-Men: First Class

Pete Johnson

Head of Operations

Pete’s 15-year cinema and film career has included a variety of management roles and coordinating premieres for the Edinburgh International Film Festival. He was headhunted to lead 20th Century Fox’s northern UK marketing and promotion activities, forging new relationships with the media and independent cinemas. A subsequent move into theatrical sales helped to develop his astute sense of the marketplace and sharp negotiation instincts, key skills that now benefit INDY’s clients and audiences throughout the UK in his role as our Head of Operations.

Favourite Film – Top Gun
Chris Matthews

Chris Matthews

Screen Content Manager (New Zealand)

With nearly 20 years in the NZ Film Industry representing both cinema exhibition and film distribution across the major cinema chains and studios, Chris provides film booking & weekly scheduling services for select independent cinemas across NZ, and operates Caramel Canine Films – a company dedicated to providing local Producers and Filmmakers with production funding application support and Impact Production strategies – Chris has joined INDY Cinema Group NZ with a view to growing the audience for locally produced content and maximising the box office potential.

Favourite Film – Jurassic Park

Craig Waddell

Cinema Touring Manager

Having worked previously for many years with INDY’s founder Ian Brown, Craig jumped at the chance to become part of our expanding team in 2016. Growing up in a remote town in the Highlands, a local pop-up screening was one of his first experiences of cinema. Craig brings his extensive cinema industry experience to our specialist Film Festival, Events and Touring Circuit activities. As an early convert to the magic of cinema, he is delighted to be sharing his skills to help transform local venues in all kinds of settings.

Favourite Film – Guardians Of The Galaxy

Jim Matherson

Digital Content / Technician

A former senior projectionist at two of Edinburgh’s major cinemas, Jim joined our team in 2015 as a touring projectionist. As a fan of film from childhood, pursuing a career in cinema gave him the ideal opportunity to mix pleasure with business. Since 2003 he has developed and honed his cinema skills and technical expertise.

Favourite Film – Jurassic Park
Russell Smith

Russell Smith

IT & Infrastructure

Russell joined INDY in 2017 from the world of IT, with over 25 years’ experience at Edinburgh’s largest financial sector companies as a security analyst, risk analyst and IT technician. As he arrives from outside the film industry, Russell brings a fresh perspective to the team and will oversee IT systems and infrastructure management, procedural documentation and software development projects for both INDY Cinema Group and our clients.

Favourite Film – For A Few Dollars More

Fraser Edmond

Technician / Projectionist

Some kids plaster their bedroom walls with posters of pop stars; Fraser covered his with pages from film magazines. The hours he spent in his hometown cinema growing up propelled him towards an engineering degree and then to his first job in the industry as a projectionist. A seasoned professional, Fraser joined the INDY team in 2011. He brings over 15 years of technical experience, from working at major multiplexes to art house venues. Since joining us, Fraser has been responsible for setting up over 20 part-time cinemas across the UK.

Favourite Film – Rosencrantz and Guildenstern Are Dead

Mark Tweddle


Mark began working in cinema at one of the first multiplexes in the country as a humble usher with the intention of getting a bit extra money for Christmas. Progression to management and projection meant that he was fortunate to have been involved in the opening of 16 sites around the country, and have shown films at festivals including Edinburgh, Leeds and Glastonbury.  30 years on his passion for film and film lovers has him still working in the business – and still saving for Christmas.

Favourite Film – Almost Famous

Becky Padley

Screen Content Co-ordinator

Becky moved to Edinburgh in 2014 to pursue a Masters in Film, Exhibition and Curation at the University of Edinburgh, and has been a regular contributor to film festivals in a variety of coordinating roles. Having worked at Sheffield Doc/Fest and Berwick Film and Media Arts Festival, she went on to manage the film programme for Hidden Door Festival in 2016 before crossing paths with INDY Cinema whilst working at the Edinburgh International Film Festival. Becky is thrilled to be joining INDY Cinema Group as Screen Content Co-ordinator.

Favourite Film – Blade Runner       (Director’s Cut)

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