Complete Cinema Solutions

Boosting the potential of independent cinemas

INDY offers a range of tailor-made services to give independent cinemas in the UK more buying power, help reduce costs and increase ticket sales. Our unique Complete Cinema Solutions include providing a professional film booking service that reflects marketplace trends and is 100% impartial, on-call digital and 35mm cinema engineers, website design and online sales integration and comprehensive admin support including accounts, marketing, social media and customer data capture.

Whether your cinema is preparing to launch or an established venture, partnering with INDY enables you to maximise your business potential. Our strong relationships with distributors mean we can negotiate deals on your behalf, directly passing on the benefits to you. Cost effective and flexible, our expert input manages the time consuming and costly aspects of running your business while you remain totally independent and in control. We can even take care of finance and box office returns for distributors, resulting in a simple itemised bill at the end of each month.

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Dedicated Film Booker

A fully impartial, dedicated film booker who will work closely with your cinema to create the most commercial programme achievable. Usually working with you on a holdover basis to react to local demand and national trends, while leveraging our strong relationships with UK distribution to negotiate preferable show stipulations and film rental terms wherever possible.

Financial Accounts Manager for Distribution

A fully impartial, dedicated film programmer who would work closely with the cinema to create the most commercial programme achievable, likely working on a holdover basis in order to react to local demand and national trends, all the while leveraging strong relationships with UK distribution to negotiate preferable show stipulations and film rental terms where possible.


Remote Technical Manager

Your cinema will be allocated a remote engineer who will build the weekly playlist, manage all KDMs and program all shows off site, enabling your venue manager each day to simply turn the projector on in the morning and off at night.

Website & Social Media Management

Your cinema’s website and social media channels will be maintained remotely from INDY’s head office, ensuring all platforms feature and promote up-to-date film programmes, film information and competitions.

Cinema Equipment Service Contract

INDY offers a unique service contract with access to engineers from across the UK. Our one-of-a-kind service includes annual maintenance of all cinema equipment by a dedicated support engineer and 24-hour remote technical support to ensure a swift response and constant back up. Our unrivalled level of support includes having three engineers based in Scotland. We also provide bi-annual onsite training for staff and volunteers on all projection and box office systems.

Install & Equipment Recommendations

Project managed installation of projectors, speakers, screens and ticket management system (TMS) along with onsite training for all staff.

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